Who I am

I’ve loved fishing since I was a kid. I was always fishing in the river near my house.  Then I came across fly fishing. I fell in love with flyfishing.
And I went to high school, studied machine crafting and design drawing. Then I studied spiritdesign at a vocational school.
I worked as a jewelry designer, product designer and production manager. Then I became a full time bamboo rod builder.
Rod exhibited at the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum, New York, USA, May 2015. It was a Special planned exhibition. Its title was Japanese Artisan spirits.
I moved to Hokkaido, Japan’s proud trout kingdom.
FFI(Fly Fishers International ) Certified Casting Instructor.
I design rods for joy that cannot be expressed by words or values. It is a pleasant feeling of use and the joy of having it, the joy of using, the joy of going out fishing.
My rod design philosophy is introduced in an interview with All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. Please see the link below for details.





2015年5月、米国ニューヨーク州、Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum にて行われた特別企画展 Japanese Artisan spirits にロッドが展示されました。同年11月、日本が誇るトラウト王国、北海道へ移住。

2022年、FFI(Fly Fishers International ) 公認キャスティング インストラクター 資格を取得。


私のロッドデザインの理念については ”ANA-SCOPE”の記事内 にて詳しく紹介されています。

どうぞ、こちらのリンク →ANA-SCOPE ”技に触れる旅”よりご覧ください。




hand built for you from Yudai Mochizuki on Vimeo.